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We have created 8 AIR audio guides for your run on Saturday. Each one is timed based off your estimated finishing time.

Follow these simple steps to choose and download the right audio guide for you. 

Make sure you checkout the latest episode, an introduction with Race Directors Tom & Jade for last minute information/tips and what to expect over the weekend!

Any questions see our Q&A at the bottom.

STEP 1: Work out or estimate your projected finishing time between the following time slots...

 35mins - 44mins

44mins - 49mins

49mins - 54mins

54mins - 59mins

59mins - 1hour 4mins

1hour 5mins - 1hour 09mins

1hour 10mins - 1hour 19mins

Above 1hour 19mins


Need help working out your finish time estimation? Use this running tool and use one of your recent training run times.

If you feel you're in the middle of a category please select the faster estimated finishing time category.


STEP 2: Choose the best app or webpage to download/ listen to the AIR audio guide.

This could depend on what phone you will be running with on race day and what app you currently use to download podcast (don't worry if you have never downloaded a podcast).

If you already use one of the following app's please select the icon below. Once you arrive in your app simply choose and download the episode based on your estimated finish time.

If you do not have any of these apps then we recommend you download them from your phone market place (IOS app store/ Google Play Store). If you do not want to download an app, you can listen to it online by clicking here

STEP 3: Once you have completed step 1 & 2 all you have to do is press play when you are on the start line this Saturday!



Q & A's

  • What happens if I stop or slow down during the run?

The AIR guide is not coordinated by GPS so please try to remember to pause the Audio Guide when you stop.

  • Do we need to download the AIR Audio Guide ?

We recommend you download the AIR guide episode from one of the apps mentioned above. Downloading the episode before race day means you can practice the pressing play rather than on the start line.

  • Do we need GPS to listen to the Audio Guide during the run?

If you do not download the episode, we are pretty confident there is enough GPS around Kew to keep you up to date throughout the run. Downloading the episode before race day means that everything is organised and you do not require GPS during the run. It will also keep your phone battery healthy after the run.

  • I have not downloaded a podcast before what can I do?

We are happy to help you. Call us before race day on 0203 602 4244 and one of the team will be happy to talk you through it. Alternatively type your question into google and there are various youtube tutorials that can help you. Search 'How do I download a podcast?' or read this article .

  • Is the AIR Guide available on EASTNINE app?

Sadly due to covid our partnership with EASTNINE came to an end. We remain friends and share the kids on alternate weekends!

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