“We train with headphones so why can’t we race with headphones!” 

As the organisers of the Richmond RUNFEST we hear a lot from our runners. The things they like. The things they hate.

And one thing we know they hate is not being able to run with headphones in organised events… 

It’s no surprise to us… listening to music when you run is a magnificent, metronome based motivator that really moves you. 

Whether its rock, pop, classical, garage, grime, jazz or Peruvian nose flutes, your music can take your running to a new level.

And, it’s not just us saying that… there’s plenty of science out there that backs it up and proves that music can help you run faster and run better.

So, this news should come as music to the ears of runners everywhere.


We’re going to BEAT THE BAN!




By launching a new run where headphones aren’t just allowed, they’re major feature to the event!  

Our AIR runners will be encouraged to listen to their own performance enhancing music as they run past the Royal Deers and take in the amazing views over London Town!

So, today we declare that all our runners have the opportunity to BEAT THE HEADPHONE BAN when they race on our FULLY ROAD CLOSED ROADS inside the beautiful Richmond Park!

We have teamed up with our friends at EASTNINE to create the worlds first AUDIO app that will take you on a guided tour of Richmond Park whilst you RUN TO YOUR BEAT! Find out more here

Are you going to run 10,000 metres or 13.1 miles!

We’re going to BEAT THE BAN!



25TH OCT 2020

Richmond Park, London


P.S. For those that don't use headphones, it's ok, we have got you. In fact, we're planning to feature some of the most original performance enhancing cheer stations ever! 

You heard it here first! ;)


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