The organisers of AIR:RUN (and Richmond RUNFEST) are excited to announce their plans for runners to download our AIR Audio Guide the event on Acast . This enables runners to use a brand new audio running concept during their race. 

For instructions on how to download your AIR Audio Guide please CLICK HERE

AIR:RUN is a brand new 10k taking place on 15th May on fully closed roads inside Kew Gardens. AIR stands for Audio Inspired Running. What makes AIR:RUN different to most other races is that unlike other races, they have chosen to “beat the ban” and actually allow headphones to be worn in the race for those that enjoy running to music. 


Did you know that listening to music when you run is a magnificent, metronome based motivator that has proven performance enhancing benefits? Whether its rock, pop, classical, garage, grime, jazz or Peruvian nose flutes, your music can take your running to a new level.


So what does AIR have to offer you at AIR:RUN?

  • Technical information about the course as you go.
  • Enlighten you with interesting facts about Kew Gardens.
  • Provide you with encouragement to keep you going and motivate you throughout your race.

After months of hard work behind the scenes with our friends at Acast we can finally reveal more information about what Audio Inspired Running is all about.

In simple terms it's just a brand new FULLY ROAD CLOSED 10K in Kew Gardens, South West London happening on the 15TH May 2021! But we are the team behind RICHMOND RUNFEST so we like to do things differently!

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"This will be the first event in the world to use this exciting audio running concept. We are about to announce another collaboration with music experts to help our runners perform at their best in their training and on race day. If our runners don’t use headphones then it’s not a problem. Runners do not have to use them and the event will soon be announcing our course entertainment regarding music which moves with the runners." Tom Bedford, race director.

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