Could Listening to This Song to make You Run 5% Faster?

We collaborated with The Running Channel and Professor Costas Karageorghis to create the ultimate performance-enhancing running song! 

To hear the sample and see a video explanation for Eastnine please click here.


It was due to the audio/musical nature of the brand new running event, AIR:RUN (a fully road-closed audio-inspired 10k inside Kew Gardens, 15th May, 2021), that brought about a very important question; can a single song be performance-enhancing for a runner?


This sparked the collaboration between The Running ChannelAIR:RUN, and music producers Brother Music, to create a dance-pop track titled Run With Me. This track was built using Professor Karageorghis scientific prescription and compositional analysis combining the ideal tempo, level of syncopation, instrumentation and harmonic progression with psychologically impactful lyrics to motivate the runner towards superior performance.


Professor Costas Karageorghis is now consulting with the team at AIR:RUN to provide performance-enhancing audio before, during, and after the event.


Race director, Tom Bedford says "From the creation of AIR:RUN, we wanted to break boundaries and attempt something different. Our collaboration with Eastnine has brought about an original concept using technology and audio coaching during a race to motivate runners to achieve their goal. A real World First! We also wanted to look at how runners can use audio to enhance their performance in training so we reached out to Professor Costas Karageorghis who was influential in the ground-breaking mass-participation event 'Run to the Beat' back in the late noughties. Professor Costas Karageorghis has been working with elite runners at Brunel University London to improve athletic performance using audio and I believe that audio technology has caught up with his research and can now be implemented in mass participation running events."

"Whether or not 'Run With Me' is the ultimate running song will depend on the listeners musical predilections, which is why AIR:RUN is all about runners running to their own beat. We look forward to working with Professor Costas Karageorghis further to educate runners on creating their own performance-enhancing playlists to capture psych-up, running and post-run recovery."


"I've been passionate about music's impact on peoples lives since I lived just above a second-hand record store as a child," says Karageorghis. "We have been able to show scientifically that the right music can improve many aspects of a runner's performance through elevating their mood, synching musics rhythmic qualities with their body's movements, or distracting them from physical discomfort. Music is a powerful tool that any runner can take advantage of in their training or racing - imagine how much faster Eliud Kipchoge would have been able to run the marathon with the right soundtrack! I look forward to working on an exciting brand new event that fuses running and the very latest in music science."


  • Watch how 'Run With Me'' was created, click here.
  • To listen to 'Run with Me' on Spotify, click here.
  • To hear the sample and see a video explanation please click here.

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